I need optimism.⠀⠀
In the face of the alternative - loss, pain, fear. I need optimism to return me to my best self. ⠀⠀
I need warm days to soak through my skin. I need lavender tea and salted watermelon and peach cobbler served bubbling with blue bell ice cream. I need books so good they make me want to jump up and down. I need laughter that draws out long enough to hurt. I need light that dances through the trees. I need clinking glasses and bright welcoming faces and warm embraces. I need long chats under starry skies and late morning cuddles. I need cool linen sheets and the smell of fresh mint from the garden. I need dirt under my fingers and paint on my hands and dance parties with Timber. ⠀
I need to remind myself there is still love, there is still worth, there is still beauty in this world. It’s in loved-ones faces, a stranger's kindness, a child’s faith. It’s there, if we have only the courage to seek it out, to let it penetrate us where we fear most. ⠀
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Santa Fe, New Mexico