A Newnan Wedding

Heading back to the east coast, for an old friend's wedding definitely brought me back down a dusty memory lane. Tall pines, country music, easy conversation with good friends, small town squares, sweet tea, southern bbq, and the sweetest wedding that we've all been waiting about a decade to actually happen. Cheers to the new Mr. and Mrs. Bush!

A Perfect Short Weekend

This weekend was for a quick trip, so we filled it with as much sunshine and overdue one-on-one time as we could get. Most of our trips turn into full blown food and drink marathons, and this time around didn't disappoint. Our weekend was full of college friends, laughter, yoga and exploring. Some favorites include:

wandering The Famers Market and stopping for lunch at Cajun Tailgators

saturday morning yoga with The Yoga Movement

homemade margaritas and a movie night for Cinco De Mayo

dinners at Blue and Bolsa

family style brunch and singing at The Rustic

grocery shopping and cooking dinner together accompanied by this favorite


St. George Island

This weekend was for everything A — soon to be Mrs. A. 

As any good bachelorette weekend should be, this one will mostly be kept secret. What I will say is that it was so good for my heart to be with dear friends for such a special time. It was the off season for St. George but even though the wind was starting to chill the sand was still hot and the sun did enough to give us one last golden tan. The quiet that came in between spouts of laughter and clinking glasses was refreshing and needed and worth the two plane rides and an 8 hour road trip to get there. 


This weekend was for overdue trips — the last time I was in Chicago I was in college and was able to take a pit-stop while touring with a dance company. That was eight years ago. Needless to say, the visit north was needed. 

The city was pretty quiet over the holiday weekend so we biked through the mostly deserted streets and up and down Lake Michigan. We ate, and sipped cocktails and then ate some more. There was yoga in the park, strolls through cute brownstone neighborhoods and Fourth of July rooftop fireworks. And most importantly I finally got to meet D and A!