Why work with Elle Pea Photography?

"Her work is really strong, she has a lovely style but also a point and purpose to her images. She is already a formidable talent!" 

Lesley Zahara, Zahara Represents

"I've had the privilege of working with Lacee on a few projects and would recommend her in a heartbeat. She did the photography for a fashion video I was putting together, and she did a phenomenal job. Not only did she bring her own ideas and creativity to the table, but her personality added a liveliness to the set that you just don't see very often. She connects well with people, and really tries to build a friendship with whoever happens to step in front of her lens. She has a gift of making them feel right at home (even for those people, like myself, who don't like stepping in front of the camera). She's skilled at directing, has a depth of knowledge in regards to creativity/vision/marketing/branding, and above all, she absolutely loves what she does and it shows. It was a joy working with her and would absolutely recommend her for your next project."

Matt E.

"I had the honor of assisting/second shooting with Lacee for a corporate client over the span of two days. Never have I had the privilege of working with a photographer as professional, collected, knowledgeable and composed as she was.

During the shoots, we worked with a lot of people who didn't have experience taking professional photos, but Lacee made it a point to make each person feel comfortable in front of the camera. She knew the appropriate poses for both men and women to make them look their best, and has a way of making everyone who sits down in front of the camera feel at ease. She's a pro at capturing each person's personality AND getting multiple photos that they love. 

What a blessing it was to not only shoot with her, but see her love for people shine as she worked. I would recommend her in a heartbeat to anyone or any company needing new photos."

Alexa M.

"If you are a blogger, or anyone looking for branded photos or head shots, or if you are a couple looking for engagement photos, or a family looking to capture moments in your kids lives, or if you're looking for any sort of photos, for any reason at all, I would tell you, without a shred of hesitation, to hire Lacee. 

Lacee has a way of making people feel comfortable in front of her camera, a way of drawing out who they really are in ways they aren't even able to see themselves yet. 

Lacee was the photographer to capture my vision for my blog, stephaniemaywilson.com, to take it from a slight inclination of what it could be, and to transform that idea, dream, vision, into something that could be seen, shared, and felt. 

She not only understands light, and angles, and what is most flattering, but she understands branding, communication, and marketing. Lacee is able to take ideas and concepts and understand how to communicate them visually in a way that makes whoever sees them to want to be involved. Whether it's your family's portrait, or a product shoot for your new business, Lacee's marketing/branding expertise, along with her stunning photographic artistry will provide you a set of photos that are worth far more than 1,000 words. 

She is a joy to work with, and will certainly come out of your shoot as not just your photographer, but also your friend. I cannot recommend her highly enough. "

Stephanie May W. of The Lipstick Gospel

"Lacee was so wonderful. She helped prepare me before the photo shoot with prop and vignette ideas, and reminded me to keep it simple. Her confidence and professional nature is hard to beat, because she knows her trade so well, and it shows. Aside from being a good friend and making me feel so comfortable {"But what do I do with my hands?!"}, she pushed the bar by making sure lighting was perfect, even at mid-day which was the only time I was available; she even helped me carry a massive chair down a swampy embankment to the perfect spot. To say she is dedicated to getting just the right shot would be an understatement. Lacee is a sincere talent, one anyone would be blessed to work with." 

Suzy S. of Suzy the Sojourner

"I contacted Lacee to take maternity pictures for my husband and me. She had to travel to Austin, where we live, for the shoot and was more than willing to do so... we didn't have to go to her! I was nervous because the weather was overcast on the scheduled day and was coming to terms with the fact that we might not have those perfect sunset pictures. But, Lacee recommended that we reschedule... with no extra fee! Once our shoot came, I felt that Lacee was very prepared. My husband commented that she had done her homework and knew all the places she wanted us to go — he was happy about this. She made us feel extremely comfortable during the shoot. This is a huge plus for me since it can be awkward taking professional pictures in public!! I was also pleased with how quickly she had our pictures ready for us! From past experience I was not expecting to have them in a timely manner, but we did.

It was with these good experiences and beautiful photos that we decided to have Lacee take on the challenge of newborn pictures. Again, I was nervous since newborns are a little less predictable than adults. And again, Lacee knew what she was doing and how to work with our sweet babe. Never once did I feel like his safely was but in jeopardy to get "the perfect Pinterest" pose. We love all our photos from Lace and I recommend her to all of my family/friends!!"

Christina H.

"Confession? I'm more afraid of getting my photo taken than almost anything else. I always look at the photos and feel like I'm looking at someone else. They just don't look like me. Working with Lacee was different. She handled every detail of my shoot and coached me gently through every shot. She made me feel comfortable effortlessly and the results are in my photos, which I'll treasure for years."

Heather R. of With Love, H.

"It was wonderful! I was a little nervous at first 'cause I've never had a real photo shoot before. But she set me at ease, and was attentive to how I'd been expressing myself in group interactions during the time before the shoot, pulling out those characteristics of expression that I'd never paid attention to before. She had a great eye for locations and gave good directions when I needed to change angles. She also did awesome in really hearing the heart of what I want my blog to be like and taking pictures that reflect that."

Kimmie M.

"LOVED IT!!! I felt so comfortable and she really gave good directions!!

Breeze B.

"I had a great time doing photos with Lacee! I definitely am not a model so I'm sure I made some weird faces...so thanks for not making fun of me. ;) Lacee is an excellent photographer. There is so much talent in her and it's amazing to me how she captures things so beautifully and artistically."

Lottie S.